Yearly short videos depicting the aesthetics, artists, talents, sights & sounds of Rick Castro’s legendary fetish art gallery Antebellum Hollywood from 2013 thru 2016. Antebellum Gallery existed from 2005~ 2017 in the heart of historic Hollywood on Las Palmas Avenue. Owner & curator Rick Castro presented fetish as art on a monthly basis for a group of like-minded enthusiasts who he lovingly referred to as “Antebellians.” During Antebellum’s reign, Rick saw the times as a 21st century pre-war era, a time of cultural strife between social freedoms and the religious right culminating in a bad reality TV millionaire becoming dictator. The Antebellum era, like the Weimar era are historic short bursts of creative experimentation and freedoms existing under a looming dark cloud of things to come.

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Quality: 4K